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MAppTheol Essays

  • Sin in Non-Religious Ears: A Mixed-Methods Study in Aotearoa NZ” (PDF) Research Methods in Applied Theology – Greg Liston, supervisor

BAppTheol Essays

  • alternative currency: An Economic Contrast of the Harlot & Bride in John’s Apocalypse & Implications for Alternative Ecclesiology in Consumptive Culture(PDF) theological research paper – Andrew Picard, supervisor
  • “starbucks green: an analysis of modern ecological marketing” (PDF)
  • “fill and subdue the earth? investigating a local case of corporation v. community” (PDF)
  • orientation – disorientation – reorientation(PDF) a thematic integrative research project on homosexuality – Myk Habets, supervisor
  • “dead but alive” (PDF) (exegesis of romans 6:1-14)
  • “faithful to save: salvation power to those with faith in romans” (PDF) (romans thematic study)
  • “the servant: story and song” (PDF) (exegesis of Isaiah 52:13-53:12)
  • “amos 8:4-8” (PDF) (Amos 8:4-8 in multiple contexts)
  • “atonement theories & the action in the transaction” (PDF) (assessing atonement theories)
  • “biblical, theological… cultural?” (PDF) (evaluating ‘community’ motif in Stanley Grenz)
  • “to us and the holy spirit” (PDF) (relating ‘theology’ & ‘church’)
  • “spirit-graces and unity & diversity at corinth” (PDF) (exegesis of 1 Corinthians 12:4-11)
  • “lawful to christ” (PDF) (paul’s ethical method in 1 Corinthians)
  • “waiting & working for justice” (PDF) (exegesis of Luke 18:1-8 & assessment of journal article)
  • “the salvation of God: lucan soteriology then and now” (PDF) (thematic study on salvation in luke’s gospel)
  • “the book of love: biblical foundations for counselling” (PDF) (a biblical theology of counselling)
  • “Pope John xxiii” (PDF) (biographical essay)
  • “less than perfect: John Wesley & the spread of scriptural holiness” (PDF) (research essay)
  • “homosexuality: a resource manual for christian counselling ” (PDF) (counselling resource manual)
  • “critical review of ‘exclusion and embrace’ by Miroslav Volf” (PDF) (critical book review)
  • “brought forth in iniquity: original sin in evolutionary perspective” (PDF) (research essay)
  • “learning from luther: Martin Luther’s reformation spirituality” (PDF) (research essay)