Some different senses of the word/concept ‘religion’: Like a bellybutton: a basic and unifying characteristic of humanity – we are all ‘religious’ in the broadest sense.  We all have a worldview, beliefs and values which inform and shape the way we live our lives. Like a band: a particular and distinguishing characteristic of a group… Continue reading religion

god and reality 2

…a somewhat better way to phrase the question (remember, words matter!) about god and reality, etc. would this: Why does existence exist? Answering the question by reference to any particular ‘thing’ that exists (a ‘force’, ‘singularity’, ‘multi-verse’, ‘string’, etc.) is to completely not pay attention to the question.  The answer cannot be in terms of… Continue reading god and reality 2

coins have 2 sides

-you can’t say something is ‘evil’ if you’re not already assuming some concept of ‘goodness’ -you can’t say something is ‘poorly designed’ unless you’re assuming what ‘good design’ looks like -you can’t say something is ‘chaotic’ unless you know what ‘order’ is -and you don’t have goodness, design or order without some idea of teleology

god and reality

The problem with questions like is God “real?” or does God “exist“? is that the most basic understanding of God (let’s assume monotheistic belief for the moment) is that the sum total of existing reality (the Bible says ‘all things’) was created (caused, desired, effected, brought about) by Him. If this stretches the mind (not… Continue reading god and reality

buses, religion and life

Prof. John Stackhouse’s post (here) on the recent “bus campaigns” is quite good and balanced I think. Apparently, the board of a Vancouver bus company has the following regulation on bus ads: “No advertisement will be accepted which promotes or opposes a specific theology or religious ethic, point of view, policy or action.”

the future of atheism

I’ve checked out a book from the Carey Baptist library that’s proving to be very interesting: The Future of Atheism: Alister McGrath & Daniel Dennett in Dialogue It’s essentially a written copy of a 2007 conference including the McGrath/Dennett debate and the other papers presented – plus a few additional chapters and an introduction by… Continue reading the future of atheism

tansaa events in 2009

TANSAA (Theology and Natural Sciences Aotearoa Auckland – a group emerging from Laidlaw–Carey Graduate School) is finalising their programme for 2009, and it’s looking great. I’m particularly chuffed about the Conference planned for August 1, hosted by my church, Northcote Baptist.  Details:

bob white in new zealand

Cambridge Geophysicist, Professor Robert (Bob) White is coming to New Zealand to take part in 3 events. The first and second are the same talk both in Wellington and Auckland – a Christian Response to Global Warming (I’m planning on attending the Auckland talk).  For the third event (which I am sad to miss, due… Continue reading bob white in new zealand