projection, polytheism & judaeo-christian ‘atheism’

One of the standard atheist charges against belief in a god (especially since Feuerbach) is that humans invent a ‘god’ who is nothing more than a ‘projection’ of their own need to believe.  The central idea is that all beliefs about ‘gods’ simply reflect what humans want or assume a ‘god’ to be like. Quickly,… Continue reading projection, polytheism & judaeo-christian ‘atheism’


The person of Christ quite literally puts the Christ in Christian theology Standard systematic theological categories: theology (proper) – doctrine of theos|God anthropology – doctrine of anthropos|’Man’ christology – doctrine of christos|Christ ecclesiology – doctrine of ekklesia|Church pneumatology – doctrine of pneuma|(Holy) Spirit eschatology – doctrine of eschaton|Last Things Theological category summaries with reason and… Continue reading theology