I briefly met someone recently who was supervising a group of youth who were attending the ‘Get Smart’ conference in Auckland, NZ.  He asked if I had been attending the conference.  When I said no, he replied, “Oh man, it’s great.  We were just there and when we left things were still going.  Carnage, man. … Continue reading ‘carnage?’

investigating modern miracles

An interesting person is gaining popularity at the moment. His name is Todd Bentley. A Google or YouTube search (which I’ve not had time to do) should provide very ‘interesting’ material. Apparently, 25 (or so) people have been ‘raised from the dead’… A few thoughts: If this stuff is really happening, then for Bentley’s sake… Continue reading investigating modern miracles

on ‘spiritual gifts’

I recently went to a Benny Hinn ‘Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade’. (Yes, me.) I could, of course, share many thoughts about that, but I simply wanted to mention a flyer I received while waiting in the crowd/throng/line/queue/mob to get in… It was an advert for a local church. It had these words/phrases on it: ‘signs… Continue reading on ‘spiritual gifts’

tongues: another look

Yes, this article is about the phenomenon known as ‘speaking in tongues’. The subject of ‘tongues’ is perhaps the most clouded of any biblical topic today. In hope to honour God, the Scripture and Christian spirituality, I offer my current understanding of this issue. ‘Tongues’ in the book of Acts – The Gospel in ALL… Continue reading tongues: another look