still hangin’ on

“I’m hangin’ on… you’re all that’s left to hold on to.” – Bono in Red Hill Mining Town Yesterday I had two conversations about relationships. You know, the romantic kind. Aren’t they exciting? I mean, isn’t the thrill of discovering that someone else is thinking about you just priceless? It’s a little more than obvious… Continue reading still hangin’ on


Last night, I saw the movie “Crash” with a group. It basically told several inter-weaving stories of people dealing poorly with people. The themes included rage, impatience, vengeance, racism, power-trips and more. We weren’t left with a very hopeful solution for humanity, but I could appreciate the realism with which the topics were addressed. Kinda… Continue reading crashing

i love you because…

Find True Love Now… What’s More Fun Than Love? Live. Love. Learn. Perhaps you’ve seen the following tag-lines for one of the latest online dating services, called True. The success of such services says something about the way we think about love. We seem to want it really bad. We seem to hope we “find”… Continue reading i love you because…

not the doctor

Howdy, Last week we addressed how poor usage of time can and will keep our churches and lives from being ‘hospitals.’ Hopefully, we all took a much needed look at just how busy we are. This week, let me share some more thoughts, taking the hospital analogy just a bit further… How DARE we act… Continue reading not the doctor

excuse me, nurse?

Howdy, This week, I want to focus on ‘realness’ in our Christian lives. Let’s be honest, most of the time, Christianity is a dog-and-pony show where the ‘most spiritual’ award goes to the one with the least sin, and the biggest smile on Sunday morning. Is that the goal? Is that even reality? Is that… Continue reading excuse me, nurse?