good news for all the people

If only people in general –and Christians in particular– could grasp just a few key things that makes Jesus who He is… then I’m convinced not only that Christianity would have a better reputation, but –even further– those who aren’t Christians might be far less against the growth of Christianity… People are scared about the… Continue reading good news for all the people

the abc’s of tolerance

Tolerance… The topic of tolerance came up in the comments of my last post, so I thought I’d re-post them here to offer a focussed discussion of them… This t-word is used in interesting ways. I think it’s used far too loosely. You tolerate things (certain actions or persons whose identity is defined by those… Continue reading the abc’s of tolerance

brian walsh: targum of Romans 12:1-2

The Romans 1:1-17 targum wasn’t enough… …I had to post this one as well… Again, I advise reading these two simple verses in an easy-to-read translation before reading the targum… In case it’s not obvious, Walsh is anything but a typical ‘republican-style’ Christian… If this doesn’t stir your heart, check your pulse…

brian walsh: targum of Romans 1:1-17

Read Romans 1:1-17 (in a good, easy to read translation like NIV or CEV), and then check out Brian J. Walsh’s ‘targum’ (an interpretive ‘modernisation’ of a given passage) of it… (Copied from here) I just love this stuff…

of kings and kingdoms

The first followers of Jesus said many various things about Jesus. (this is not a huge statement) Particularly, they called Jesus ‘the King’ and ‘Lord’. (these, however, were most certainly huge statements then…) I’m not going to focus on the Jewish side of things – what it might have meant for them to call Jesus… Continue reading of kings and kingdoms

the gospel announcement

If you know anything about the word ‘gospel’, you probably know that it means ‘Good News.’ You may also know that it is the word (‘euangelion‘) that a Roman herald would use in making the announcement that there was a new Emperor in the Empire. I love the way that Tom Wright points out that… Continue reading the gospel announcement