god, multiverses and science

The idea that there are other universes than our own (perhaps an infinite number) is quite common today. It is often used to explain how our universe was able to produce and sustain such rich biodiversity that we see on Earth. The idea being that given an infinite number of chances, our ordered and balanced… Continue reading god, multiverses and science

true love: stranger & friend

A very recent post had a moral bent, and the ensuing comment-discussion quickly observed that morals are based on values and eventually focussed on the question of what (if anything) underlies our values. In other words, are values grounded ‘on’ anything? Or, are they as free and changing as the various expressions of human cognition/thought?… Continue reading true love: stranger & friend

chatting with atheists

I’ve recently been chatting with a couple of atheists, Ian and Ken. They’re really nice guys, and I’m not just saying that to be P.C., either. If you’re a Christian (or any kind of theist, for that matter!), I whole-heartedly recommend dialogue with atheists. We Christians are guilty of saying many things that simply don’t… Continue reading chatting with atheists

as iron sharpens iron, so one thesis sharpens another

I love logic. It just makes sense! I want to share with you a method that will save the world. Well, not really, but it’s really cool. Basically, this method consists of the principles behind the Scientific Method. Call it what you will, but it applies to ANY topic – Theology, Philosophy, Physics, Geology, Sociology… Continue reading as iron sharpens iron, so one thesis sharpens another

love the world?

I love this quote from Bishop Tom Wright…“The Christian calling is to know the world with a knowledge that approximates to love. And the point about love – the epistemology which love generates – is that love both affirms the other-ness of the object (objectivity) while remaining in deep, rich and close subjective (subjectivity) relationship… Continue reading love the world?