trust and believe… criminals!?

Do you trust? Do you believe? I’m not talking (at least in this post!) about God – I’m talking about convicted criminals! Tapu Misa has written another thought-provoking piece about –among other things– the house-arrest conditions of Bailey Kurariki, suggesting that the public needs to trust him to learn how to live in society.

public service: worship and prayer included

Issues of culture, religion, politics and the like are of much interest to me. This Friday, quite an interesting complex of issues will be focused in one event in which I’ll be taking part. As a pastor of one of the churches in the Northcote area, I’ve been asked to take part in the ANZAC… Continue reading public service: worship and prayer included

the abc’s of tolerance

Tolerance… The topic of tolerance came up in the comments of my last post, so I thought I’d re-post them here to offer a focussed discussion of them… This t-word is used in interesting ways. I think it’s used far too loosely. You tolerate things (certain actions or persons whose identity is defined by those… Continue reading the abc’s of tolerance

brian walsh: targum of Romans 12:1-2

The Romans 1:1-17 targum wasn’t enough… …I had to post this one as well… Again, I advise reading these two simple verses in an easy-to-read translation before reading the targum… In case it’s not obvious, Walsh is anything but a typical ‘republican-style’ Christian… If this doesn’t stir your heart, check your pulse…

ethical violence?

A question raised by Damian (‘Would you kill if God told you to?’) under a post at Frank’s blog recently led to various comments about God, killing and ethics. The issue is massive, and I won’t try to summarise it here, but I wanted to share an interesting historical character that I think is fully… Continue reading ethical violence?

fighting over the god of abraham?

U2 rocked Mt. Albert Stadium this past Friday.In addition to providing exhilarating entertainment and much more, Bono – to the surprise of none – beat his drum of anti-poverty and world peace. Noble indeed. At one point, Bono donned a white bandana with the word ‘Coexist’ in black letters. The Crescent moon of Islam, the… Continue reading fighting over the god of abraham?