sophie scholl

Diane and I enjoyed (again) ‘Sophie Scholl: The Final Days’ the other night.

She was a courageous woman.  Very inspiring.

I also particularly appreciated her prayers.  I don’t know as of yet if they are hers exactly or reconstructions of the writers, but here they are as in the film: Continue reading “sophie scholl”

one of these hoods is not like the other

Just received Robin Hood in the post today and watched it tonight with my wife.

No, not the well-known one where the ‘prince of thieves‘ has a modern haircut and a glaringly obvious American accent (sorry Kevin, loved you in Field of Dreams…)…

This one is the version that was produced the same year, but got demoted to a TV-movie.

Two main reasons why I think this one far out-does the Costner version:

  1. This one makes special effort to be historically accurate, including elements like sleepy kings riding horses, garment-dye being splashed around during a fight and the jester in the baron’s castle.
  2. Patrick Bergin is a far-better Hood.  He’s playful, witty, slim and just more convincing than Costner – case closed – hands down – deal sealed.

(If you’re in Auckland, I’m willing to loan this one out, as it’s hard to get at video-stores – not even ‘Videon’ on Dominion Road had it.)