kenotic God

A true swordsman is recognised not simply by ability to swing the largest of swords with great speed and strength, but by the skill and agility to wield any sword in the best way.  Likewise, the vision of God in Christian Scripture (not only in the NT – explicitly in passages like Philippians 2:5-11 –… Continue reading kenotic God

logical argument

Of all the theistic proofs, the cosmological argument is clearest and simplest: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist. The Universe has a Cause. A helpful deductive version is stated as follows: A contingent being (a being that if it exists can not-exist) exists. This contingent being has a cause… Continue reading logical argument

child questions

I’m looking forward to the profundity of the questions Thomas will ask as he and his mind develop and grow.  Children often surprise us. Having said that, their questions remind us of what it was like to not have thought further about a question.  Take a question like ‘Who made God?’  This is one of… Continue reading child questions

true feeling

Just watched The Changeling with my wife (‘endured’ would be the term she’d use!), and really enjoyed it.  There are some real gut-wrenching moments in there, which I won’t elaborate on here. One thing I found interesting was the particular (and familiar) feeling of deep satisfaction and relief I (and my wife – and anyone… Continue reading true feeling