life: mess included

One of my favourite Proverbs is 14:4 Where there are no oxen, the stall is clean, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest.  In order to have a harvest, you’ll have to put up with a fair whack of crap!  I was thinking of this in relation to the problem of evil.… Continue reading life: mess included

full gospel

Some presentations and presenters of Christianity are, in my view, overly obsessed with the Death of Jesus such that they over-emphasise it, and end up marginalising the Incarnation of Jesus, the Ministry of Jesus, the Resurrection of Jesus, the Ascension of Jesus and the giving of the Spirit of Jesus.  It probably wouldn’t be fair… Continue reading full gospel


A few things I’m up to at the moment: One year to go at Carey toward having these letters after my name: BappTheol (Bachelor in Applied Theology) & DipPL (Diploma of Pastoral Leadership). This summer (as part of the DipPL programme), I get to do an actual summer placement at Ponsonby Baptist, and am really… Continue reading update

fiery survivor of abortion

Here (I don’t know if you have to have a Facebook account or not). On emotion. This morning an abortion-activist (pro) was on TV – then this evening I get forwarded this.  My wife’s comment about the activist this morning was that she seemed far too ‘clinical’ about a very sensitive issue. On free speech.… Continue reading fiery survivor of abortion

life unfolds

This poem was read to open a counselling class I’m currently in – I found it wonderful. “Life Unfolds” By Macrina Wiederkehr Life unfolds a petal at a time slowly. The beauty of the process is crippled when I try to hurry growth. Life has its inner rhythm which must be respected. It cannot be… Continue reading life unfolds

‘big question’ essays

Cheers to Bryson for directing me to an essay, which I discovered was one over several over at The John Templeton Foundation. The essays are comprised answers to ‘big questions’ from a variety of perspectives – theist, atheist and agnostic.  They make for interesting reading whatever your beliefs are. Two of the ‘big questions‘ essays… Continue reading ‘big question’ essays

busy-ish again

In addition to ‘normal’ things happening… Had first day of classes for Intro to Counselling (Phil Halstead) and Insights into Church History (Laurie Guy) at Carey today.  They both look to be fantastic courses.  Random thoughts about both: The counselling class had me reminded again just how ‘objective’/’real’ the various ‘subjective’ human problems can be;… Continue reading busy-ish again