Di (me? never!) is watching ‘the Bachelor’.  We like the ugliness of the characters.  Ugggh! :) He’s down to the last two girls, and is being incredibly intimate with both of them.  Both of the girls (and no doubt part of him) are going to be really hurt.  I can’t count the number of times… Continue reading commitment

modesty and attraction

Modesty isn’t (on one hand) wearing body-hiding, beauty-suppressing clothing to prevent even the possibility of someone having any kind of attraction.  Nor, of course, is modesty (on the other hand) wearing body-flaunting, beauty-distorting clothing to ensure every possibility of every kind of attraction. Modesty and being attractive are not at all at odds with each… Continue reading modesty and attraction

tommy-tramp time

Went ‘tramping’ (‘hiking’ for my U.S. friends!) today with Thomas and a couple friends in the Y-tax (a.k.a. Waitakere Ranges).  Was great! :)  gotta love that baby bag and flowered pouch thingy :) (photo below)

pre-marital what?

It has been said before that “______”s (insert whatever Christian denomination you wish to pick on) are against pre-marital sex because it might lead to dancing… :) But on a more serious note, the topic of ‘pre-marital sex’ (a.k.a. ‘sex before marriage’) is an interesting one.  Many Christians can assume that there is a specific… Continue reading pre-marital what?

what’s the problem with porn?

There are a few, perhaps, who would answer this question with a casual (or insistent) “None. Get over it”, but most, I suspect, would agree: porn (obviously only for societies that have it) is a problem. Some better questions would be ‘what kind of problem is it?’, ‘where does it come from?’ and ‘how do… Continue reading what’s the problem with porn?

i heart the internet…

I mean… really… Don’t get me wrong… the internet is great… but the by-line for this online ‘friend’ site… ‘be who you wanna be’… scares me. Online Identity… yikes. I hope humanity doesn’t forget… how to have a simple meal together… sharing food… sharing time… sharing conversation… sharing LIFE with each other. That would be… Continue reading i heart the internet…

getting intimate in the garden

There’s more to the Garden of Eden story than just apples, trees and snakes. Adam and Eve had the most precious thing in existence: unhindered, unbroken and fully realised intimacy and union with God! What more could a human ask for? On top of that, they had a complete and totally healthy relationship between them!… Continue reading getting intimate in the garden