the uncomfortable freedom of Grace

I just finished a job at work, and not only did it take longer than I thought (I had to return to the job site to fix things), I didn’t do as good a job at it as I would have liked to.  The clients are satisfied and will pay the invoice, but the workmanship… Continue reading the uncomfortable freedom of Grace

uncomfortable majority

Democracy’s main weakness is that it makes it possible for popular error to hold sway.  Conservative Christians, like me, would say that about this or that popular cultural value that doesn’t align with theirs, and a minority voice within a Christian denomination often says that about the majority denominational view which which they disagree. There… Continue reading uncomfortable majority

arrogance, agnosticism & holding a view

It is not arrogant to think that you are right and that someone else is wrong; in other words, to hold a view.  Arrogance comes not from holding a view (neither from holding it strongly!), but from holding it with a posture of self-importance and (to coin a term) ‘from-on-high-ness’. I think I’m right about… Continue reading arrogance, agnosticism & holding a view


I used to work in sales at a lumber yard, where we sold all kinds of (mostly residential) building materials from lumber, to paint, to plumbing, electrical supplies, hardware, doors/windows, roofing, power tools, etc.  I grew up working with quite a few of these things, as my Dad was a residential framer.  Nonetheless, there were… Continue reading eavesdroppers

we might be surprised…

how much… destruction is at work in the ‘best’ of people… and how much… grace is at work in the ‘worst’ of people. in other words… you’re never so good that you’re beyond the influence of evil and… you’re never so bad that you’re beyond the reach of God.

A.N. Wilson – slowly believing again

So – author and historian A.N. Wilson, who in the 80’s declared himself an atheist (formerly Catholic and Church of England), and who wrote a biography of Jesus has recently announced his slow, patient and critical return to Christian faith. ((Having not quite yet read the article, I blame N.T. Wright – given his kind,… Continue reading A.N. Wilson – slowly believing again

sentience and consciousness

Consciousness is at least sentience, but not less. We can imagine a spectrum of least sentient to most sentient.  The nearest animals to humans, in this case, would (obviously!) have the closest kind of sentience to humans.  But (however this ’emerged’ or came to be) humans are ultra-sentient.  We have more than sensation (sentience); we… Continue reading sentience and consciousness