I briefly met someone recently who was supervising a group of youth who were attending the ‘Get Smart’ conference in Auckland, NZ.  He asked if I had been attending the conference.  When I said no, he replied, “Oh man, it’s great.  We were just there and when we left things were still going.  Carnage, man. … Continue reading ‘carnage?’

investigating modern miracles

An interesting person is gaining popularity at the moment. His name is Todd Bentley. A Google or YouTube search (which I’ve not had time to do) should provide very ‘interesting’ material. Apparently, 25 (or so) people have been ‘raised from the dead’… A few thoughts: If this stuff is really happening, then for Bentley’s sake… Continue reading investigating modern miracles

on ‘spiritual gifts’

I recently went to a Benny Hinn ‘Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade’. (Yes, me.) I could, of course, share many thoughts about that, but I simply wanted to mention a flyer I received while waiting in the crowd/throng/line/queue/mob to get in… It was an advert for a local church. It had these words/phrases on it: ‘signs… Continue reading on ‘spiritual gifts’