on guilt and shame

It seems to be an unquestioned assumption in modern western culture that guilt and shame are bad, unhealthy and unhelpful.  Most of the moral discourse is dominated by statements that flow directly from these assumptions. I can relate!  Who wants to feel guilty?  Who enjoys shame?  Not only that, both guilt and shame are shot… Continue reading on guilt and shame

my face (in general) & my nose (in particular)

So, I got a call from a friend and we had arranged for he and his wife to come over within the next half-hour… I remembered that I still had to take the compost stuff out and dig a hole and bury it… I raced to the living room (where my shoes were – right… Continue reading my face (in general) & my nose (in particular)

investigating modern miracles

An interesting person is gaining popularity at the moment. His name is Todd Bentley. A Google or YouTube search (which I’ve not had time to do) should provide very ‘interesting’ material. Apparently, 25 (or so) people have been ‘raised from the dead’… A few thoughts: If this stuff is really happening, then for Bentley’s sake… Continue reading investigating modern miracles

tongues: another look

Yes, this article is about the phenomenon known as ‘speaking in tongues’. The subject of ‘tongues’ is perhaps the most clouded of any biblical topic today. In hope to honour God, the Scripture and Christian spirituality, I offer my current understanding of this issue. ‘Tongues’ in the book of Acts – The Gospel in ALL… Continue reading tongues: another look