kalam criticism

The Bill Craig version of the Kalam Cosmological Argument goes like this: p1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause. p2. The universe began to exist. c. The universe has a cause. Some have put forward the objection(s) that we’ve never observed anything ‘come into existence’ in the sense of ‘ex nihilo’ (out of nothing). … Continue reading kalam criticism

logical argument

Of all the theistic proofs, the cosmological argument is clearest and simplest: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist. The Universe has a Cause. A helpful deductive version is stated as follows: A contingent being (a being that if it exists can not-exist) exists. This contingent being has a cause… Continue reading logical argument


A) “Who or what made God?” B) “The question assumes that God is the sort of being whose existence is contingent on something else.” A) “Why couldn’t God be like that?” B) “Well, one of the most basic ideas about God is that God is the First Cause.” A) “…but what would have caused this… Continue reading first