honda giorno

We are now a 1.25 car family :)  I am now a not-a-little-bit-happy owner of a Honda Giorno scooter.

tommy-tramp time

Went ‘tramping’ (‘hiking’ for my U.S. friends!) today with Thomas and a couple friends in the Y-tax (a.k.a. Waitakere Ranges).  Was great! :)  gotta love that baby bag and flowered pouch thingy :) (photo below)

school, fashion and irony

My wife and I were purchasing shoes at Hannah’s today (don’t ask), and felt empathy for the mother-of-teenaged-daughter, whom we overheard saying, “It’s school, not a fashion show…” Among the many things no doubt blurring the distinction between the two would be Hannah’s latest catch phrase: “Life is your catwalk.”

thomas isaiah campbell

5 pounds, 3 ounces — born 4:18am Sunday, December 21, 2008 — 7 weeks pre-mature but his lungs are ‘catching up’ well — the tubes in this picture are feeding and breathing tubes — mum (for US people, this is equivalent to ‘mom’) is recovering great! (update: more pics being added here!)

i heart the internet…

I mean… really… Don’t get me wrong… the internet is great… but the by-line for this online ‘friend’ site… ‘be who you wanna be’… scares me. Online Identity… yikes. I hope humanity doesn’t forget… how to have a simple meal together… sharing food… sharing time… sharing conversation… sharing LIFE with each other. That would be… Continue reading i heart the internet…

trust and believe… criminals!?

Do you trust? Do you believe? I’m not talking (at least in this post!) about God – I’m talking about convicted criminals! Tapu Misa has written another thought-provoking piece about –among other things– the house-arrest conditions of Bailey Kurariki, suggesting that the public needs to trust him to learn how to live in society.

sex: taboo or tapu?

“In a free society, there has to be a happy medium between burqas and boobs on bikes.” Tapu Misa has just written another great article discussing popular culture, advertising, sex and all that… Have a read of it here. She’s in touch with both research and public opinion, and wonderfully expresses her own convictions without… Continue reading sex: taboo or tapu?