A.N. Wilson – slowly believing again

So – author and historian A.N. Wilson, who in the 80’s declared himself an atheist (formerly Catholic and Church of England), and who wrote a biography of Jesus has recently announced his slow, patient and critical return to Christian faith. ((Having not quite yet read the article, I blame N.T. Wright – given his kind,… Continue reading A.N. Wilson – slowly believing again

gambling during a recession?

This morning, a Breakfast programme discussed the less-than-commendable notion of borrowing funds to invest during a recession… …and my wife just now walked in the door from a work-leaving do (for non-NZ readers, ‘do’ means ‘event’ or ‘party’), which involved walking through the Sky City building, and mentioned how surprised she was to see how… Continue reading gambling during a recession?

buses, religion and life

Prof. John Stackhouse’s post (here) on the recent “bus campaigns” is quite good and balanced I think. Apparently, the board of a Vancouver bus company has the following regulation on bus ads: “No advertisement will be accepted which promotes or opposes a specific theology or religious ethic, point of view, policy or action.”

american millionaire stimulus?

Recent US stimulus package = nearly a trillion US dollars. Compare that with a comment I randomly saw on this post: 10% of 10 million US millionaires’ funds = a trillion US dollars. American millionaires investing in the American economy?  A novel concept indeed. Full comment quote: 1 trillion is taking 10% of the net… Continue reading american millionaire stimulus?

stinking stimulus

Anyone who has a knee jerk (i.e. less than critical) reaction to political events in general and the recent U.S. stimulus package in particular, should shut up and think before ranting. That said, I just don’t like the thought (much less the passing) of the new stimulus package (and I’m not at all anti-Obama –… Continue reading stinking stimulus