shoe sheriff

We played ‘mafia’ at youth group Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever been the sheriff. Speaking of sheriffs, Di and I drove past ‘The Shoe Sheriff‘ in Newmarket, Auckland, today.  It’s a long-standing shoe repair place.  I used to work ((and drink copious amounts of coffee)) in the Newmarket area, and I still remember when… Continue reading shoe sheriff

teleology & ethics

The word ‘teleology’ (from Greek τελος ‘telos’ – meaning ‘goal’, ‘end’, ‘purpose’ or ‘that toward which things tend’) is not a street-level term.  However, the concept of a purpose, goal, function or ‘end’ to things most certainly is.  It’s a common as anything.  Teleology is blindingly relevant.

go bananas

Visit and fill out name/email and the site will send an automatic email on your behalf to progressive grocers – requesting that they stock fair trade bananas. Now, you’ll also probably get an automatic reply from progressive about their ‘efforts’ – which includes a ‘voluntary code of conduct’, which (found here) initially looks/sounds nice. However,… Continue reading go bananas

school, fashion and irony

My wife and I were purchasing shoes at Hannah’s today (don’t ask), and felt empathy for the mother-of-teenaged-daughter, whom we overheard saying, “It’s school, not a fashion show…” Among the many things no doubt blurring the distinction between the two would be Hannah’s latest catch phrase: “Life is your catwalk.”

buses, religion and life

Prof. John Stackhouse’s post (here) on the recent “bus campaigns” is quite good and balanced I think. Apparently, the board of a Vancouver bus company has the following regulation on bus ads: “No advertisement will be accepted which promotes or opposes a specific theology or religious ethic, point of view, policy or action.”

american millionaire stimulus?

Recent US stimulus package = nearly a trillion US dollars. Compare that with a comment I randomly saw on this post: 10% of 10 million US millionaires’ funds = a trillion US dollars. American millionaires investing in the American economy?  A novel concept indeed. Full comment quote: 1 trillion is taking 10% of the net… Continue reading american millionaire stimulus?

stinking stimulus

Anyone who has a knee jerk (i.e. less than critical) reaction to political events in general and the recent U.S. stimulus package in particular, should shut up and think before ranting. That said, I just don’t like the thought (much less the passing) of the new stimulus package (and I’m not at all anti-Obama –… Continue reading stinking stimulus

shortland street publicity costs

I’d absolutely love (or maybe hate?  or both?) to know how much the huge (several ‘windows’ wide and several stories high) ads for shortland street (which I saw today in Auckland city-centre) cost to make, install, display and dispose-of…  It’s a freekin’ TV show… (on a different tack, the two ‘by-lines’ I remember from the… Continue reading shortland street publicity costs

an end of the pax americana?

Obamas turn has come to rule the American empire. Will it continue to be a mass-consuming empire of greed? Only time will tell. Here is a thoughtful, timely and read-worthy critique by Brian Walsh entitled: Barack Obama: A Post-Imperial Presidency? And yes, the same question could’ve/should’ve been asked had McCain won the election…