sex: taboo or tapu?

“In a free society, there has to be a happy medium between burqas and boobs on bikes.” Tapu Misa has just written another great article discussing popular culture, advertising, sex and all that… Have a read of it here. She’s in touch with both research and public opinion, and wonderfully expresses her own convictions without… Continue reading sex: taboo or tapu?

missing church

What does the phrase ‘missing church’ mean to you? Poor attendance? Vacation? Sickness? Sleeping in? Perhaps we’re all aware of the pressure to ‘make it on Sunday.’ Various methods are employed to encourage people to show up. In some situations, if you don’t show up for a few weeks, you’ll get a phone call from… Continue reading missing church

biblical patience – quickly!

I want to get the most out of the Scriptures, don’t you?The obvious, glaring question is HOW do we do this? How might we read, understand, meditate on, grasp, learn and grow in the right way? Ever since the Bible was completed (roughly speaking) in the turn of the 2nd century, people have employed many,… Continue reading biblical patience – quickly!

love to wrestle – wrestle to love

People love to wrestle. They just do. Sure, it doesn’t always involve mud, sumos or fake punches (W.W.F.), but people like to engage one another. Games like arm-wrestling, mercy and tug-of-war show that we like to test our strength against that of an opponent. Things like talk-shows (with their intentionally explosive topics), newspaper opinion columns,… Continue reading love to wrestle – wrestle to love

wanted: ‘messy’ relationships

I have a friend who has all but left the church… The agenda of the churches has has been associated with has left him wanting… Please read his cry for help written months ago… life never stops…even if you do. People change, I change….the cycle of death and life doesn’t just pertain to the physical….but… Continue reading wanted: ‘messy’ relationships

getting intimate in the garden

There’s more to the Garden of Eden story than just apples, trees and snakes. Adam and Eve had the most precious thing in existence: unhindered, unbroken and fully realised intimacy and union with God! What more could a human ask for? On top of that, they had a complete and totally healthy relationship between them!… Continue reading getting intimate in the garden

through the week

Greetings, So how was your church on Sunday? This phrase illustrates how grossly incorrect we use the word ‘church.’ We use the word as if it means a place and a time (most commonly the church ‘building’ on Sunday morning). Some of you will be familiar with the Greek term behind our English word church… Continue reading through the week

excuse me, nurse?

Howdy, This week, I want to focus on ‘realness’ in our Christian lives. Let’s be honest, most of the time, Christianity is a dog-and-pony show where the ‘most spiritual’ award goes to the one with the least sin, and the biggest smile on Sunday morning. Is that the goal? Is that even reality? Is that… Continue reading excuse me, nurse?