answers, questions & tensions

My few posts on this blog touching on epistemology are a drop in the ocean of literature on the topic, the majority of which I’ll almost certainly never know about, let alone read.  But allow little wee me to suggest that the wisdom of human experience tells us that any proper pursuit of knowledge should… Continue reading answers, questions & tensions

both-and, again…

This photo (found on Facebook) reflects a false, either/or view of Christian spirituality. It assumes that a) respecting, serving, growing and happiness of ‘you’ and b) respecting, serving, growing and happiness of ‘God’ are in direct and total contradiction.  To quote Hannah Moore from the film ‘Amazing Grace’, “we humbly suggest you can do both.”… Continue reading both-and, again…

participative redemption

This post was inspired by a good discussion-slash-debate about Wesley’s doctrine of “entire sanctification” with my good friend and accountability partner Frank Ritchie. Wesley had a simple ‘Ordo Salutis’ (order of salvation): justification > sanctification > glorification.  It is often said that we ‘have been saved’ (justified), ‘are being saved’ (sanctified), and ‘will be saved’… Continue reading participative redemption

rights and responsibilities

Three recent events, a complaint about a sermon, a movie about Margaret Thatcher and a FB conversation about gun laws, have me reflecting on the tendencies of ‘left-wingers’ and ‘right-wingers’.  Both left and right folk will express concern for both ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’, but at different times. On the topic of social welfare: the left… Continue reading rights and responsibilities

hoof it to church

“Darwinists are not necessarily hoofed and horned monsters, but are occasionally of pacific habits, and may even be detected in the act of going to church.” (Leslie Stephen, ‘Darwinism and Divinity’ in Essays on Freethinking and Plainspeaking, 1873).