on the Canon of Scripture

Is Scripture ‘finished’ being written? Christians believe it is. How so? Catholics and Protestants don’t agree on which books are to be included, and various leaders in church history have thought it best to leave certain books out, such as Revelation or James. One way to begin discussing the question is to think about the… Continue reading on the Canon of Scripture

rain and bows

When it rains… look for rainbows. Our son Tom quoted this message from a T-shirt today, as we finished off our lunch and looked out the window at the rain. The imagery of the rainbow is used by peace activists, the queer community, sunday school teachers, and more. ┬áIt draws its formative significance, of course,… Continue reading rain and bows


I’m really appreciating how significant the theme of freedom is in the Bible. Freedom is opposed to compulsion, captivity or slavery. Utterly free of compulsion, God freely acts to create and sustain a free creation, particularly free and dangerous human beings, which constantly, continually and consistently become enslaved, manipulated, captive or otherwise enslaved to and… Continue reading freedom