why so angry

I know almost nothing about the two speakers booked-for-but-now-banned-from the Powerstation in Auckland.  What I do know is that a lot of people are angry about them, their message (whatever it is), and the prospect of them having a platform to share it. All this anger actually piques my curiosity.  It makes me want to… Continue reading why so angry

fruitful engagement with ‘other’ beliefs

I’ve had various interactions with various ‘non-orthodox’ (a.k.a. heretical) religious movements, and I grew up within one.  In my earlier, younger and sadly more arrogant stages, these interactions could easily become more heated, longer, and less productive than they should have been.  I just had another much more positive interaction with three young, polite Mormons. … Continue reading fruitful engagement with ‘other’ beliefs

logical argument

Of all the theistic proofs, the cosmological argument is clearest and simplest: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist. The Universe has a Cause. A helpful deductive version is stated as follows: A contingent being (a being that if it exists can not-exist) exists. This contingent being has a cause… Continue reading logical argument