on calvinism

Why a Blog about Calvinism? Today I learned – much after the fact – that Derek Webb no longer identifies as a Christian.  This has some emotional significance for me, as I have been a follower of Caedmon’s Call (in which he played), and of his more recent solo musical projects. Instead of discussing what… Continue reading on calvinism

past six days

The past six days for me: Friday 25th Jan – Elephant TV posts the finished ‘evolution‘ episode, which I got to take part in. Saturday 26th Jan – The band I’m in (Great North) plays at Parachute – even after our bass player received 6 stitches for (as you do) having a wine-bottle-ish chandelier fall on her… Continue reading past six days

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evolution discussion on rhema

I was pleased to be asked along with Dr. Graeme Finlay (Senior Lecturer in the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre & Molecular Medicine & Pathology in the School of Medical Sciences at Auckland University) to take part in a talk-back show on Evolution and Christianity today.  I had to laugh when Graeme and the host Pat called me a… Continue reading evolution discussion on rhema

good old church songs

My little summer project (“Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to record a dozen of your favourite hymns?”) is done, and can be downloaded for free (or donation) here: http://dalecampbell.bandcamp.com/

band album

I can be spotted sometimes playing piano, guitar and singing backing vocals at local Auckland pubs.  This is because I’m in an “alt-country folk” band called Great North.  We have a new album out soon, and an up-coming ‘mass’-three-destination tour.  We have a fancy website. We have a free download our our single ‘whales’ on… Continue reading band album

phantom parabolas

Saw this morning on TV1 Breakfast – not much (anything? maybe this??) about it on the net yet… But according to TVNZ, “maths teacher Philip Lloyd, an Auckland man who has made a maths-changing discovery to do with parabolas.” (though the date of the above forum post is 2003, and the name is TJ Evert!!?? … Continue reading phantom parabolas