no offense…but you’re worthless

It’s just not what you read in the newest self-help books. It’s completely contrary to every trend in society. We adjust grading methods to make students feel better about themselves. We say that everyone is special and don’t stop to consider that by saying that, we make no one special. (this is well illustrated in… Continue reading no offense…but you’re worthless

through the week

Greetings, So how was your church on Sunday? This phrase illustrates how grossly incorrect we use the word ‘church.’ We use the word as if it means a place and a time (most commonly the church ‘building’ on Sunday morning). Some of you will be familiar with the Greek term behind our English word church… Continue reading through the week

tough going

Alright, Let me share what I’m learning about how God shapes us. People approach the Christian life with different mindsets. Some literally think that God’s sole purpose for their existence is that they can be happy, fulfilled, financially independent, popular, etc. True; the Christian life comes complete with times of happiness and fulfillment. And yes,… Continue reading tough going

not the doctor

Howdy, Last week we addressed how poor usage of time can and will keep our churches and lives from being ‘hospitals.’ Hopefully, we all took a much needed look at just how busy we are. This week, let me share some more thoughts, taking the hospital analogy just a bit further… How DARE we act… Continue reading not the doctor

excuse me, nurse?

Howdy, This week, I want to focus on ‘realness’ in our Christian lives. Let’s be honest, most of the time, Christianity is a dog-and-pony show where the ‘most spiritual’ award goes to the one with the least sin, and the biggest smile on Sunday morning. Is that the goal? Is that even reality? Is that… Continue reading excuse me, nurse?