jesus & mo

Featuring on Richard-Dawkins-loving atheist blogs around the web, the “Jesus and Mo” atheist cartoons are doubly lazy ((the pictures remain the same with different speech boxes inserted – and the drivel in the speech boxes is yawn-inducing)).  Because actually doing art and actually engaging with an issue is just too time-consuming…


  1. You really expect a web-comic to have good art and in depth engagement with an issue? That’s kinda like saying you want a game of soccer with an oval ball and tackling ;)

  2. Ian,
    I don’t see your point – is there an unwritten rule that web-comics have to have bad art and strawmannish engagement?
    What’s with the anti-rhetoric comment? ;)

  3. Pretty much yeah :)

    Its hard to create in depth engagement of an issue when you are essentially presenting one-liner jokes. Argument by web-comic is pretty stupid, but I still get a chuckle out of reading it so it does its intended job…

  4. I thought your post was quite hilarious, Dale (and the cartoon was one that I liked.

    Anyway, I have sent your post off to the Jesus & Mo cartoonist suggesting it would make a good subject for a future cartoon. I think it would.

    Keep your eyes peeled.

  5. they would have likely seen the link to their site, but thanks anyway. I don’t watch that site, so probably won’t see it.

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