don’t eat yet!

(a brief distraction from my ‘original sin in evolutionary perspective’ essay – should be done by midnight tomorrow!?)

Bird A: “Look! A family of worms! Can you spell DINNER!?”

Bird B: “Sorry, mate. I’m just as hungry as you, but this ‘no death before human sin’ thing means we’re going to have to wait a few days…”

Bird A: “(expletive)…”


  1. Dude, you need some sleep!

    Looking forward to reading the essay when you publish it though. Are you covering the other end of original sin story (in the need for a physical sacrifice and Paul’s understanding of it) as well?

  2. I’ll have to keep this essay focused on the evolutionary restatement of Original Sin, but yes, Paul’s language of ‘first/second Adam’ will be dealt with :) I’ve found (largely via writings of others) some rather interesting biblical data (OT and NT) to bring to the discussion.

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