h3 life

Head: logical, rational and systemising component of the self. Blunted, cold and lazy apart from heart and hands.

Heart: passionate, volitional and intending component of the self. Unstable, wild and unfruitful apart from head and hands.

Hands: mobile, engaged and activating component of the self. Laborious, weary and directionless apart from head and heart.


  1. Just an observation, but I often think it a bit odd how we often talk about the heart having some sort of emotive or cognitive function. In actuality it’s just a clever pump system to move blood around the body and the brain does the other stuff.

  2. (p.s. I just realised how much the title of this post looks like a possible name of some high-flutin’ fancy modern church… not my intent! ;D )

  3. I do like the thought.

    ps I was thinking of moving to try out for your ‘worship team’ ther at H3. Need a trombone player?

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