wanted: damon to play bonhoeffer

Will somebody please make a modern, well-produced movie about Dietrich Bonhoeffer!???

(existing works here, here and here…)

I think Matt Damon should play the part…  :)

9 thoughts on “wanted: damon to play bonhoeffer”

  1. Matt Damon should not play this part. Brilliant actor…Yes! The actor should look like him as well. Matt clearly does not, compare the eyebrows. Anyway I do agree that there needs to be a movie about DB. It would be incredible to watch.

  2. Yeah, it’s not a perfect match, but I think he could do a good job with it…
    Now, mind you, there are a movie or two out on DB, I linked to a couple of them in the original post if you’re interested… One of them isn’t too bad, but it’d be nice to have a ‘proper’ one…

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